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A.V. Lemon Law is a service provided by Jude Aoun, APC, The Law Office of Jude Aoun. Jude Aoun is licensed to practice in California and only handles cases involving California law or applicable federal laws that apply to California transactions.

Protecting AV consumers since 1998

Jude Aoun has been representing consumers in the Antelope Valley since 1998. His practice involves lemon law and personal injury cases, including car accidents, dog bites, slip and fall cases, and other injuries. Over the years, Jude has consistently helped his clients enforce their rights and maximize their recovery against automotive manufacturers and insurance companies. Jude enjoys a good fight and is not intimidated by large corporations.

Our Practice

California Lemon Law

California’s lemon law was enacted by the Sacramento Legislature in 1970. It imposes rules and requirements designed to ensure that manufacturers and retailers honor the warranties that accompany the consumer products they sell.

Motorcycle Lemon Law

If you have been dealing with repeated warranty repairs after a motorcycle purchase, know your rights under the law – the bike’s manufacturer may owe you a motorcycle reimbursement or replacement.

Recreational Vehicles (RVs)

Have you purchased a defective recreational vehicle? If so, you’re not alone. Each year, thousands of consumers purchase RVs that are considered to be defective and they are covered under the lemon law in CA just like other types of vehicles.

Appliance Lemon Law

Did you know that California Lemon Law applies to appliances used in the home that are valued above Fifty Dollars ($50.00) and come with a warranty? If you have purchased a product for household or personal use that comes with a warranty and have had trouble getting it fixed or replaced under the warranty, we may be able to help you. We may also be able to assist you if the warranty that your product came with was misleading and actually covers less than was claimed on the packaging, or if the product was sold to you by a store that did not make a copy of the warranty available to you at the time of purchase. We would love to look at your product, the packaging, and the warranty to see if we can help you. Give us a call!

Solar Contracts

Are you unhappy with the terms of your contract with your solar panel provider? If so, please give us a call. California law has strict requirements for the contents of a solar panel lease or purchase contract, and the providers often fail to follow the law. In many circumstances, a customer can have their solar contract “rescinded,” or “undone,” have the panels removed from their roof, get a refund of their money, and have any amounts remaining due under the contract eliminated. We would love to speak with you about your solar contract and help you determine if you can get out of it. Please give us a call to see if we can help you out.

Why Choose Us

Free Consultation

When you contact our offices regarding a potential Lemon Law claim, your call, case review, or consultation with the attorney, is at no charge to you.

20+ Years in practice

The Law Office of Jude G. Aoun has over 20 years of case management and trial experience, resolving thousands of cases, and growing to be one of the largest lemon law firms in the Antelope Valley.

Seeing the Case Through

Some cases settle quickly without a lawsuit while others will not. This is where experience counts. We will actively pursue your Lemon Law case against the manufacturer to help get the compensation you deserve.

Jude G. Aoun

Jude works and has lived in the Antelope Valley since 1988. He is married and has five sons, which keeps him busy and active in local sports and social activities. He enjoys reading non-fiction works in the areas of political science, philosophy, history, and religion.

A.V. Lemon Law is a service provided by Jude Aoun, APC, The Law Office of Jude G. Aoun. Jude Aoun is licensed to practice in California and only handles cases involving California law or applicable federal laws that apply to California transactions.

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